"I am your loyal servant. Even if you do not try to attract my attention, I want to greedily devour you to the very end."
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I know how you feel about the art thing. I don’t like putting up stuff I worked really hard on either. (I’m always disappointed by the attention people are willing to give things you work hard on versus stupid shit that people end up loving.)

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i was made to destroy.

                            ——   not to fix
                                    &  not to heal

        but to break,
          to conquer,
            & to [ kill ]


[[ Alois nibbling/biting Claude’s crotch in an attempt to seduce him. (It’s working and Claude is very bothered and annoyed.) Suggested by anon. ]]




a French phrase literally meaning “nobility obliges”. It is the concept that nobility extends beyond mere entitlements and requires the person with such status to fulfill social responsibilities, particularly in leadership roles; the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behaviour associated with high rank or birth.

Etymology: French, noblesse, “nobility” (ultimately from Latin nobilis, “knowable, known, well-known, famous, celebrated, high-born, of noble birth, excellent”) + oblige, “obliges” (ultimately from Latin ob, “to, against” + ligō, “bind, unite”).


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The Alnwick Poison Garden is pretty much what you’d think it is: a garden full of plants that can kill you (among many other things). Some of the plants are so dangerous that they have to be kept behind bars. [x]

15 Associations.

Reblog and fill in the answers you most associate your character to with each question.


1. Animal; Wolf
2. Color; Gold
3. Month; November
4. Song;  Danse Macabre
5. Number; 8
6. Day or Night; Night
7. Plant; Red Roses
8. Smell; Cedar, Spice, & Citrus
9. Gemstone; Spessartine Garnet
10. Season; Fall
11. Place; European forests- specifically Germanic forests
12. Food; Butterscotch
13. Astrological Sign; Scorpio
14. Element(s); Earth
15. Drink;  New Moon Drop Darjeeling Tea