"I am your loyal servant. Even if you do not try to attract my attention, I want to greedily devour you to the very end."
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Spiders are important predators. By one estimate, the spiders on one acre of woodland alone consume more than 80 pounds (36 kg) of insects a year. (Those insect populations would explode without the predators.)

Spiders employ an amazing array of techniques to capture prey.

They play tricks:

Some pirate spiders of the family Mimetidae fool their prey: other spiders. They vibrate the spiders’ webs the same way a struggling insect might. Then, when the host spiders come close, the pirates grab them.

They spit: 

Spiders of the genus Scytodes catch prey by ejecting a glue from their chelicerae (spider mouthparts that end in fangs and inject venom into prey). Once it hits, the gooey substance shrinks, trapping the prey in place.

They use a home field advantage:

Lynx spiders of the family Oxyopidae hunt on plants. They are agile, jumping from stem to stem, and have better vision than many other spiders.

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So I need to get some money in for various reasons, but I still have to work a lot (albeit much fewer hours than I need, hahaha—) and so I figure I should focus on doing some (quicker) sketch commissions~!

Simply put, I’ll do semi-clean sketches for the prices above, with samples as shown above. All orders go via email. Payments are done via paypal. Prices are per character; additional characters cost $5 each, no matter size.

‡Will do‡

  • OCs (with reference)

  • Fanart (if the character is unfamiliar to me, I will ask for references)

  • Avatar art (for sites such as GaiaOnline)

  • Male & Females

  • Children (note though that my forte is with characters between age 15 and 25 (approximately))

  • Animals (once more, my forte is humans, but I can draw animals with reference with varying result)

  • Boy’s Love/Girl’s Love/Romance

  • Animal features on character (Wings, tails, ears, etc)

  • Armor/jewelry/weaponry/complicated clothing designs (might lead to extra charge, and references will be needed)

‡Won’t do‡

  • Mecha (armor and weapons are alright, but I am not comfortable nor very good at drawing robots)

  • Full anthro

  • old characters (that is, physically old-looking, as I am not good at drawing this)

  • Chibis (not a style I’m particularly good at)

  • Mature content (excessively gory or sexual)

I may also do palette commissions based on the 100 palette challenge. Give me a palette and character and I’ll do a headshot/half-body in that palette for $15. It may end up looking something like this.

Any questions? Throw them my way~! I’m hoping to be able to do five-ten of these at a time, so the slots are semi-limited of sorts???